Composer • producer


I’m an italian composer and producer from Rome, Italy. I play piano and keyboards.

I graduated summa cum laude in Contemporary Writing and Production at Berklee College of Music winning two scholarships (Best and Arif Mardin), and took further private studies in composition and orchestra conducting with Maestri Mauro Bacherini e Peppe Vessicchio.

I write music for cinema, theatre, tv and media.
I worked for directors such Arnoldo Foà, Massimiliano Bruno, Sergio Rubini, Alessio Maria Federici, Michele Massimo Tarantini, Andrea Giacomini, Claudio Insegno and Matteo Raffaelli among others, and scored commercials for Nissan USA, Ferrari, Yamaha Racing, Les Pieces Uniques and Progressive Insurance.

In 2008 I won a special mention at the “Biennale della Poesia – Lettera d’argento”, a festival of poetry and music at the theater “La Fenice” in Venice, conducting a 50-piece orchestra. I also conducted the Sanremo Orchestra twice.

Through the years I worked with many recording artists like Carmen Consoli, Patty Pravo, Max Gazzè, The Niro, Paola Turci, Marco Mengoni, Otto Ohm, Bandabardò, Zero Assoluto, Marina Rei, Ron, Damian Draghici, Claudio Mattone, Tony Renis, Peppe Vessicchio among many others.

I started several original projects like Midinette, a composers’ collective whose music is featured on various major movies.


“Il Grande Spirito” (2019), directed by Sergio Rubini


“Uffizi Virtual Experience” (2016), directed by Claudio Focardi


Yamaha Racing, unveiling video for the 2013 YZR-M1. Directed by Andrea Giacomini.

“Maradonapoli” (2017), directed by Alessio Maria Federici

“More Than Words” short movie, winner AFI Film Fest 2012 and Future City Yokohama Award 2014. Directed by Andrea Giacomini.

Mos and Motos Movember campaign by Progressive Insurance. Directed by Andrea Giacomini



The music I wrote for movies and documentaries.


The music I wrote for theatre and live performances.


A complete list of records as studio producer, arranger and musician.


All the most important live set I’ve been part of.